H&H Projects  

LeAyisyen is the central program of H&H to build the bond among Haitians by changing their mentality and focusing the collective will on community and national empowerment. H&H also seeks sustainable solutions to finance the community work of humanity evolution.

Haitian Global Community Video

Members of the Haitian Global Community and their supporters unite to create a video that displays the breadth of diversity and support for H&H and the January 12th Global Day of Silence Pilgrimage.

Common Script:

I am (Haitian, of Haitian descent, a supporter)
I am (another nationality or region: e.g. New Yorker)
I am (religious social identity: e.g. Christian, agnostic, Rasta, Muslim, Vodouizan, Protestant, atheist)
I am (another social identity: e.g. doctor/ lawyer, capitalist/communist, peasant, former convict, cancer/HIV survivor, woman, man, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/straight)
I am (a part of being: e.g. spirit, body, mind, and social)
I am Human
I support the Global Day of Silence Pilgrimage
I declare the evolution of Haiti…in love.

Tchatcha Project

Tchatchas (maracas) are made by merchants in Haiti.  They bare “H&H 2010” (Humanity & Haiti 2010) as a community message to Haitians to wake up (shaking of the tchatchas) AND to wake up humanity. All of the revenue will be documented and returned to make more tchatchas, thus providing a transparent economic loop.  

Features of the Project:

  • Community Pride—Provide a tool to state community pride.
  • Microeconomics—Provide income to Haitian merchants in Haiti.
  • Haitian Self-Help—Provide a model of self-support.
  • Transparency—Financial records are posted on the web.  

Haitian Global Community Voter Registration Drive: VOTE !

Let’s build it together!!!

We are encouraging ALL members of the Haitian Global Community to vote for the platform/movement most suited to powerfully address their needs and accomplish their goals.  We believe that the H&H platform—Build the people as the foundation to (re)building the country—offers the CHANGE that we need.  

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