*HCP: Technology of the Haitian Ancestors.
(*HCP—-Human Core\Community Process)

The technology of Haitian resilience…
The technology of human resilience.

HCP is the technology our Haitian Ancestors have left/sent us to so that we can (re)master the quality of life equation, the same way they did.  The presentation and one-day training are done in Kreyol.

Quality of Life Equation:
A+ B + C + D= E

Which of these variables, if changed, can change the value of ‘E’? Changing anyone of the variables would change the value of ‘E.” The significance of this is that as long as one is a variable in one’s life condition one can shift the outcome.

This is how they accomplished our Independence--Our Ancestors were clear: Even if there were smaller than all the other variables in their life situation at the time, as long as they were part of the equation, they could change the outcome. This is human potential. They were clear on that. And they did it!

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