Ancestral Wisdom:
From Spiritual Capital to Social Capital…and everything in between.
The power of meaning, the power of choice, and the power of now.

Kwayans Santral:

Transparency and

Evolution of Haitian Culture

What will result from this catastrophe to the people of Haiti is what we make of it. There is an opportunity here for us to turn this into an opportunity for the cultural transformation of Haiti on all three fronts: Politics, Economics, and Human Potential.

It is in the area of maximization of human potential that Vaya Global Corporation is uniquely qualified to offer input. In response to this crisis, Vaya would like to champion the discussion of maximizing human potential as a foundation of rebuilding Haiti.

We envision Haitian culture forming
a healing network encircling the globe.

We propose four key functionalities for a renewed Haitian culture:

  1. Redressing the cultural-anthropological externalization of God.
  2. Placing more cultural activities, including religions, in cell-I of motivation science.
  3. Promoting individual mastery of the power of meaning, the power of
    choice, and the power of now.
  4. Committing to community collaboration above individual self-interest to actualize AND live in the credo: “The Union Makes the Force.”

We will achieve Haitian Global Community healing and bonding by having a network of cultural clinics with interventions that function to strengthen each of the four parts of our beings (spirit/core/essence, body, mind, and social) on the individual level, and also on the societal level.

Applied Haitian Studies

At this point in our history, at this interface of cell-A, things that we know that we know, and cell-D, things that we don't know we don't know of the universe of knowledge, we are taking on the calling and responsibility to bring together the field of Applied Haitian Studies.

Applied Haitian Studies is the academic discipline, encompassing both theoretical and applied (clinical) frameworks, not only to study, but to fortify, develop, and even (re)create Haitian culture where necessary, with the goal of make it work adequately to meet our present day reality challenges, both on the homeland of Haiti and abroad.

Our culture is the lens through which, the choreography by which, and the stage on which we do the world individually and collectively as Haitians. That is, the net tools and resource we employ to create our individual and collective reality as Haitians. In as much as this is true, Haiti's present state of being is a statement of failure of culture. Regardless of how proud we may of being Haitians, and because of that pride, we have to face that something is wrong with our culture.

We are inviting the Haitian Global Community at large to own this field. This invitation goes out to both scholars and layfolks. H&H recognizes that as Haitians we are ALL experts in some aspect or another of being Haitians, as this the subject focus of Applied Haitian Studies, being Haitian. In cooperation with other academic endeavors, Applied Haitian Studies is the academic discipline which aims to take on, not just study, the reality of Haitian beingness, the cultural reality of Haitianhood at this crossroad in our history.

We invite you. You already belong.

With its cultural roots firm in mysticism, and being able to boast some of the most accomplished professionals in the modern world, at the interface of cell-A and cell-D of the universe of knowledge, Haiti is Haiti.

We speak of pride: We are Haitians because we redefined humanity.
We speak of purpose: We ARE doing it AGAIN!


  1. Core (Zantray): This is the faculty which connects us not just with each other, but with the rest of the universe.Some may also refer to it with words such as spirit, soul or essence.
  1. Fundamental Reality: Only a unified Haitian people can have enough power to successfully negotiate with the international community on behalf of Haitians. There is NO one right now, no individual, no commission, no government who has enough power to do that. Only the Haitian people could have enough power to take control of Haiti's destiny for the betterment of Haiti and Haitians. But the power of a people ultimately is determined by the bond among them, and right now the Haitian bond is NOT strong enough. Until we build the Haitian bond, nothing we do as Haitians will have any value. This is a fundamental reality. It is “an inconvenient truth.” Our ancestors foretold the importance of maintaining a strong bond: “The union makes the force.”
  1. Haitian Global Community: We use ‘Haitian Global Community’ to indicate a coming together as oppose to ‘diaspora’ since the latter can connote disbursement and aimlessness.
  1. Human Core\Community Process (HCP): Human Core\Community Process (HCP) is a tool that promotes mind-discipline by providing exercise-routines for the mind, allowing one to better align one’s mind and one’s behaviors with one’s core. One’s core can be regarded as that part of us which connects each of us with the rest of humanity/universe. By being able to more systematically access one’s core, one is then able to make more powerful life choices. In fact, one is then able to create choices. Thus, HCP is an integrative model combining the core/spiritual, the biological, the psychological, and the social.

HCP Technology... Giving you the focus to live beyond circumstances you did not create, and the power to create your life circumstances.

Objectives: By the end of the training, participants will have:

  • Learned a systematic way of connecting with their core, clear out their past experiences which are still burdensome, critically reformulate their present choice options, make and begin to implement plans to methodically move their lives more powerfully.
  • Learned how to make CHOICES that maximize their human potential in application to personal happiness, job/career, life purpose, projects, and to everyday life in general.
  1. No Representation without Ratification: We are excited about engaging the Haitian global community in the voting process.

Firstly, the voting process is an empowering community organizing activity. It takes only the silence and inaction of the majority to allow for the mentality of a minority to dominate. In a reality of an expanding universe, and a shrinking world, Haiti is a giant. Those of us who connect with the consciousness of the ancestors are taking on the work of waking up the majority--hence the tchatcha as our logo. A global Haitian voter registration drive is a foundational step to building an awakened community.

Secondly, we challenge the practice of folks claiming to represent the Haitian Global Community ("diaspora" can connote aimlessness) without having showed the respect of legitimately obtaining their consent. That is, representation without ratification.

Thirdly, we want to invite YOU to be a part of the H&H movement. The under-development of Haiti impacts the quality of life for ALL Haitians. Especially for those of us who have remained in the homeland, the failure of Haiti’s systems is a daily experience. Inaction or inadequate action is NOT being neutral. Inaction or inadequate action goes to keep things the way they are. H&H is the only movement platform which hits ALL three points of the triple bottom line: 1) People, 2) Profit, and 3) Planet. H&H is a calling to others who connect with the consciousness of the ancestors. Will you respond?