H&H Store: Pride with Purpose


PRIDE: We are Ayisyen because we redefined humanity.

PURPOSE: We ARE doing it again.

CREDENTIALS: We were a first nation to say: "Yes. We can!"

TOOL: We have the human technology, human core\community process (HCP) of the Ancestors. HCP is the technology of Haitian resilience, of human resilience.

RESOURCES: We are committed, skiled, and have access.

When you buy products directly from us online, or through one certified partners, you are assured that 100 % is reinvested into our not for profit structure with No more than 20% for overhead, which include salaries/compensations.

Buy with pride and purpose, buy H&H.

Contact Us To Purchase: HHpride@HumanityHaiti.org

Buttons: wear your pride with every outfit... More than an accessory... Pride is a necessity... Support Request: $2 each; 3 for $5.

T-shirts: Make the definitive statement of Haitianness: Pride, with one our statement t-shirt.   They come in a rainbow of colors in five popular sizes. Make great gifts. Support Request: $15 each; 2 for $28

Tchatchas: As part of the Humanity&Haiti movement logo, cellphone being the other component, the tchachas symbolizes a tool to wake us up.   The tchatchas are part of our microeconomic project with Haitian merchants in Haiti. See tchacha project. Support Request: $10, 2 for $18

On The Go Knapsacks for a community on the move... Our sturdy, lightweight knapsacks are ideal on the go tote... Support request: $15each; 2 for $25

Our Mugs are the ideal companion with that morning wake up ritual, or the mellowing out for the evening. Decorate that comfort zone with pride... Support request: $10 each; 2 for $18.00