Declaration of Haiti’s Evolution
A call for those among us who connect with the consciousness of the Ancestors

Se prop tèt nou nou tap ret tann.”

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Are we really so incompetent, are we really so corrupt, are we really so selfish that we cannot run our country? It takes the silence of the majority to allow for the mentality of the minority to dominate.
H & H is an appeal to each of you who breathe the accomplishments of the Ancestors to take on the challenge we are facing today.

"Yes we can!”

With all due respect, it is a slap in the face of our Ancestors when we accept the position that we need foreigners to lead us. With all due respect: There is no foreign person, no foreign dignitary, no foreign president, pass or present, dead or alive that can do more for Haiti than what Haitians can do for themselves. Those among us who connect with the Ancestors know this to be true. We know our name.  And we are claiming our destiny.

It is time that Haitians take control fate of Haiti.
But we must first take control ourselves.

How do we meet this challenge?

Wisdom of our ancestors: Our Ancestors were brilliant. Without a formal education they were able to master a powerful equation. They mastered the quality of life equation:

Equation: A + B + C + D = E

Which variable can we change to change the value E. Mathematically, changing any one variable will change the value E.  This was the wisdom of our Ancestors. They were clear: As long as we are part of the equation of our lives, we can change our lives. And that is what they did. This is what our independence was. Despite the size of our enemies, we claimed that we are a variable in the equation of our life, and we have the power to change it. So we did.  This is what is called maximization of human potential.They left us the technology to maximize human potential, Human Core \ Community Process (HCP).  Our Ancestors told us WHAT to do. H &H will show us HOW. We were a first nations to say

"Yes, we can!
Today we are a nation that says:

"Yes we can, and we are!!

This is what is being offered to us today at. This is an appeal to those amongst us who connect with the energy of the ancestors…those of us who still breathe their determination. It is time. This is the call to claim Haiti’s destiny: To connect with the consciousness of the ancestors to play this role in the evolution of Haiti at this point in history. Whatever the challenges, the quality of life equation of life applies today. This is a gift of our ancestors.

Revolution is about changing someone else’s behavior.
Evolution is to change one’s own behavior.
When Haiti declared its independence, it was a call to war.
This is a call to core. We declare the Evolution of Haiti, in LOVE.