In this section we will be elaborating on key points of the Humanity & Haiti (H&H) Movement. This is a growing list. These will also serve as topics for our distance learning classes and social media discussions. You can also make requests for additional points that you would like to have covered.  You may also begin your blogging using these topics.


1. What is Humanity Evolution?
2. What is living from the core?
3. Where are we?
4. Wisdom of the ancestors
5. What is the problem?
6. What are the causes?
7. What are the solutions?
8.  Human Core\Community Process (HCP)
… Human technology from the Ancestors
9. Goals
10. LèAyisyen
11. Implementation
12. KORganizing
13. What are some risks?
14.Why vote?
15. “Mwen pa fe politik”
16. Fundamental Reality
17. What would the Ancestors say?
18. Rezon dèt
19. Guiding principles
20. An invitation--how to join
21. Diversity of Haitian culture
22. Evolution of Haitian culture
23. Our logo (Haitian flag, Tchatcha and cellular phone)
24. Sustainability/Triple bottom line
25. For the sake of humanity
26. H&H store