Applied Haitian Studies

At this point in our history, at this interface of cell-A, things that we know that we know, and cell-D, things that we don't know we don't know of the universe of knowledge, we are taking on the calling and responsibility to bring together the field of Applied Haitian Studies.

Applied Haitian Studies is the academic discipline, encompassing both theoretical and applied (clinical) frameworks, not only to study, but to fortify, develop, and even (re)create Haitian culture where necessary, with the goal of make it work adequately to meet our present day reality challenges, both on the homeland of Haiti and abroad.

Our culture is the lens through which, the choreography by which, and the stage on which we do the world individually and collectively as Haitians. That is, the net tools and resource we employ to create our individual and collective reality as Haitians. In as much as this is true, Haiti's present state of being is a statement of failure of culture. Regardless of how proud we may of being Haitians, and because of that pride, we have to face that something is wrong with our culture.

We are inviting the Haitian Global Community at large to own this field. This invitation goes out to both scholars and layfolks. H&H recognizes that as Haitians we are ALL experts in some aspect or another of being Haitians, as this the subject focus of Applied Haitian Studies, being Haitian. In cooperation with other academic endeavors, Applied Haitian Studies is the academic discipline which aims to take on, not just study, the reality of Haitian beingness, the cultural reality of Haitianhood at this crossroad in our history.

We invite you. You already belong.

With its cultural roots firm in mysticism, and being able to boast some of the most accomplished professionals in the modern world, at the interface of cell-A and cell-D of the universe of knowledge, Haiti is Haiti.

We speak of pride: We are Haitians because we redefined humanity.
We speak of purpose: We ARE doing it AGAIN!